Santuck Fire Department was founded in 1972 by members of the Santuck community who saw the need for fire protection. The founding members were: Ernest Brand, Bab Brand, Burt Guthrie, Tommy Justice, J.W. Puckett, Mike Puckett, David Puckett, Steve Guthrie, Tommy Watson, Charles Thomas, Freeman Venable, Tom Sanford, Tommy Sanford, Denny Winn and Wayne Sanders.

Santuck's first station was a concrete block building with two truck bays. This station was located on Central Plank Road and can still be found today as part of the Santuck community center.
Later, a second station was built on Pierce Chapel Road that contained a single bay.
Since then, Santuck Fire Department has grown to close to 30 members, 11 apparatus, and 3 multibay stations.